Diving Deep with Subscript, Episode 9

A conversation with Alka Tandan, CFO at Gainsight

In this episode of Diving Deep, Subscript's CEO, Sidharth, has an engaging conversation with Alka Tandan, CFO at Gainsight.

Alka is a finance superstar! Not only is she a key member of the executive team that scaled Gainsight to a $1B unicorn, but she's also a member of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women community.

Sidharth and Alka go deep into B2B SaaS metrics as they discuss:

  • The one metric to stay hyper-focused on during a challenging economy
  • The key levers for increasing NRR in a B2B SaaS business
  • Why you should double down on Customer Success when times are tough
  • The benefits of partnering with a top-tier private equity firm
  • And more!
Alka Tandan and Sidharth Kakkar

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