Diving Deep with Subscript, Episode 12

A conversation with Mohit Daswani, CFO at ThoughtSpot

In this episode of Diving Deep, Subscript's CEO, Sidharth, has an engaging conversation with Mohit Daswani, CFO at ThoughtSpot.

Sidharth and Mohit go deep into B2B SaaS metrics as they discuss:

  • How to use SaaS metrics to cut down to the truth of a business
  • The importance of segmenting your SaaS metrics when serving both SMB and Enterprise customers
  • The benefits of building a data-driven, transparent culture within Finance where the team runs at their problems
  • Why your company needs to maintain entrepreneurial energy as it scales
  • Mohit's heartfelt advice for Series B finance leaders
  • And more!
Sidharth Kakkar and Mohit Daswani

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