Diving Deep with Subscript, Episode 16

A conversation with Isabelle Winkles, CFO at Braze

In this episode of Diving Deep, Subscript's CEO, Sidharth, has an engaging conversation with Isabelle Winkles, CFO at Braze.

Sidharth and Isabelle go deep into B2B SaaS metrics as they discuss:

  • Advice for navigating a challenging economy
  • The compelling benefits of having Finance and Rev Ops report to the same leader
  • Specific ways the role of CFO changes when your company goes public
  • A thoughtful approach to adding to your finance tech stack
  • How a finance leader should prepare for an IPO
  • And more!
Sidharth Kakkar, CEO of Subscript, and Isabelle Winkles, CFO of Braze

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